2019: The Outlook for Property Investors in the UK

With the deadline to leave the EU looming at only two months away, investors are considering what is in store for the 2019 property market. There is, of course, a certain level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and what it will mean for the property market. Economists anticipate that returns and capital values will have a dip in the next year, but by how much, no one knows. 

There is a camp of investors that are readily preparing for opportunities that will arise from the uncertainty. 

The industrial sector is expected to see a rise of 2.7% in 2019, so many investors are looking this way. Capital Economics, a leading independent economic research firm has said that even with a no deal Brexit, they don’t expect a sharp fall in property prices, and at most see a dip of 5 to 9 percent over two years. 

Even with Brexit looming, experts have revealed the places they believe will be profitable areas to buy, no matter what is happening in politics. Let us take a look. 

Nationwide Building Society believes Nottingham is an attractive place to buy in 2019. The East Midlands property market has experienced the second highest growth rate in the country in 2018. Nottingham has two major universities with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, both bringing a student population of almost 40,000 to the area. The rental market in Nottingham is strong, making it a profitable place for landlords. 

South Wales is also an attractive place for investors to buy. Property prices rose 8% in 2018 in the Newport area. The toll for crossing the Severn Bridge was also scrapped recently. The Severn Bridge connects England and Wales, and scrapping the charge will make Bristol commutable from South Wales. 

Some of the major cities are also looking good. The average house price in Liverpool has risen around 16% in five years. In 2018 Birmingham became the number one location for people relocating out of London, and with the construction of HS2, more people may be making this jump.