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Seadag group is a leading facility management service provider that employs some of the best talent in this industry.

Our business is based on the founding principle of fulfilling customer’s expectations at all costs. By setting our priorities straight and preferring customer satisfaction, we are fast becoming a recognised name in the facility management industry.

We provide system design, implementation, certification, performance monitoring and maintenance.
We provide customised solutions for each client based on our extensive knowledge, experience and ability to execute projects of all sizes.

By taking your requirements into consideration, we work to devise a proper course of action that suits your requirements. Whether you are planning about outsourcing maintenance and facility service or want to bundle a number of individual services to fit in your plan, we are ever willing work for you. Our unique model works in conjunction to develop a solution for your business needs. For this purpose, we offer custom solutions that fit perfectly into your requirements.


We have a trusted reputation through our excellent communication and efficient service delivery. Partnering with us will give you reliable and effective Facilities Support, and we will ensure that we get it “Right First Time and Every Time”.


We understand the importance for your business to have a partner you can depend on, for all your property needs.

Seadag Group offers an innovative and market leading planned, reactive, compliance, and project works service to a diverse range of clients. From fixing a leak to disaster recovery, cleaning and security, we can offer a comprehensive range of services to meet and exceed your expectations.

Seadag Group FM is a national maintenance and facilities management organisation, created on the premise that maintenance could be done in a more efficient and dynamic manner driving value and creating success. We integrate management expertise with engineering practice for a unique approach.


Seadag Group is a young, dynamic and innovative business deeply committed to delivering great value to our clients. Our continuous improvement strategies make us a firm of choice for clients seeking high quality results from a trustworthy provider.

Seadag Group FM understands the uniqueness of all clients and that to do well, we need to get to know our clients and their needs and come up with solutions that meet such needs, supporting their businesses or operations’ sustainability.


We pride ourselves on our innovative, personal and client tailored approach through direct delivery, in combination with the management of client nominated suppliers. We firmly believe in the phrase “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it”, and will work with you to provide an umbrella solution taking the best parts from what you currently do and combining them with a new, efficient and innovative solution. In a nutshell, we always deliver on our promises.

Seadag Group FM has established an identity as a national maintenance and facilities management organisation. Our objectives encompass the delivery of value-based services that facilitate the success of our clients’ operations.