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Modular building construction division

Modular Construction –┬áThe Seadag Building Advantage

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We make premium prefab homes and buildings with a focus on value and quality using offsite construction methods. Our buildings offer a fast, affordable and straightforward solution to your accommodation needs and can be used for permanent or interim requirements. The entire project process includes: consultation, design, planning permission, construction and interior fitting.

Custom Built & Safer
Using your ideas, specifications and requirements, our innovative design team provide the very best options for your project using processes that are quality controlled all the way.

Strong & Sustainable
Our buildings are designed and built to be energy efficient and entirely self-sufficient using quality materials, providing you with your own electricity, heating and cooling, water, and waste removal systems. Build your new home with green and energy efficient options.

Less Expensive
Get your quality, precision-built, state-of-the-art facility at an affordable price when you want it. Once a design is agreed, your price does not change, hence no cost overruns!

Modular building gets the project finished faster than the timeline for a site-built home.

Construction Types

From our facility, we offer:

Building and constructions of industrial/commercial light steel buildings to domestic/residential prefabricated or modular houses of any style and for any usage; factory/workshop, offices, homes,
school, clinic/health, partitioning, and refurbishment.

Building construction projects include temporary, relocatable or permanent buildings: Industrial, commercial or residential applications such as: Classrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Sports & Leisure Portable Buildings, Medical Centres, workshops, meeting/training rooms, event rooms and equipment enclosures.