Problem solving approach to marketing your products and services


Businessman shouting into megaphone

The features and benefits were the main selling points used by marketers to appeal to buyers. Nowadays, companies realise that a focus on the problems a business’ offering solves is far more attractive to buyers than simply espousing the features and benefits.

Many CEOs and Executives oftentimes make a buying decision based on “the result of the purchase” or the problem the acquisition is able to solve.”

Prospects may not even realise they need the features usually espoused by marketers until the problems the features solve are highlighted. Doing this shifts the focus from your business to the customer and how their satisfaction is the priority of your business offering ad not simply a means to line your pockets.

Buyers are constantly bombarded with many buying options and they often will go with whoever is able to provide them with the assurance they are looking for. Companies who rely on the features and benefits of their products and services alone may find themselves losing out to competitors.

Many companies such as: E Group have achieved business growth by adopting this approach.

Due to its success, this marketing approach is expected to become popular in the years ahead. Well worth adopting this marketing technique if you are looking for a way to outpace your competition.