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Renewable Energy Division

As well as facilities management services, we also provide virtually everything the renewable energy industry has to offer in products and services at the best prices in the industry.

Solar Panels

image                                                                          Solar panels

Seadag Group are accredited installers of renewable energy systems, from residential to large commercial.

Wind Turbines


With our Renewable Energy Engineering and sustainable development experience in developing and industrialised nations, we provide and install packages tailored to suit your project.

image                                                                           Wind turbines

From our facilities, we offer:

RES Rural Electrification of small communities as well as water systems for commercial and domestic use.

Manufacturing and distribution of a patented line of solar charge controlled capacity meters.

The Benefits of our Renewable Energy products to all our clients:

• Improved air quality, protecting environmental values
• Renewable energy is sustainable and does not run out.
• Cheaper and more economically sound
• Findings indicate that the sheer number of available renewable
energy sources is one of the fundamental strengths of renewable
• Stable, reliable and viable energy supply

From Solar(and Thermal), Wind & Hydro Energy Systems to Bio-mass, Bio-thermal & Bio-diesel fuels, whatever your energy requirements are, we’ve got you covered.

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