Rental and Growth Hotspots UK:

With all the new developments and infrastructure, 2019 seems to be a promising year for rental and growth hotspots in the UK. It promises to be a good year for investing in property. The top rental areas of the UK are categorised according to the location, it’s ranking, the maintenance and other points.


Infrastructure plays a very great and major role in the development of any rental area. Metro link tram and the complex of Salford Quays are two major developments in the city of Manchester. Recently, the building of a northern powerhouse development makes Manchester city an attractive location.


As the UK is a developed country with elite universities and educational institutes, students come from around the world to study. As the number of students increases in all the main parts of the UK, it directly increases the need for housing. This is a lucrative area for private rentals.

Increase in Land Price:

Today in the UK, there is an increased demand in living accommodation compared to the free space available. This increases the price of land and world-class investors are working hard to invest in this property sector. More than 27% of the housing market in Manchester is rental.


Houses in the commuter belt are increasing in demand as the other areas are not affordable. Birmingham is offering great places to live in due to its accessibility. Metro link is also extending and this will provide great housing and rental societies to live thereby increasing its demand.

North West London:

Regeneration is taking place in the north-west London and has a separate budget of billions for this purpose. It also has a Brent Cross Shopping Area which has a large cinema and a centralised food court. This development is meant to be completed in 2021. However, the first phase of this area will be completed in early 2019.

West London:

The Queen Elizabeth line in this area is a trademark for western London. Central London will be connected to it more readily. White City is a great place for investors and increasing the rental demand for homes. The development of the former headquarters of the BBC has also regenerated this place and increased its worth. The local economy of this place has received a boost to a great extent by the construction of homes, bars and restaurants.