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Facilities Management Services


Security Management

We provide all types of security systems to our clients. There is no denying that security systems have become an integral part of our society. We understand that both individuals and businesses strive for a peace of mind that your staff and workplace is in safe hands. To ensure the security of your employees and facilities, our security systems provide the highest level of security that protects your staff, buildings, and vehicles. Our comprehensive security systems comprise of the following components that combine into a proficient, high-performance security solution:
• Manned guarding and security
• Monitoring through remote security
• Specialist security
• Access control
• CCTV camera monitoring
• Intruder alarm
• Door entry

Compliance Services

Every business wants to ensure the safety and integrity of their employees. There are several ways to achieve this including testing and regulation of appliances for better safety. Each of these appliances must achieve the statutory standard. Our provided solutions offer you the best in class compliance services that fulfill or exceed your requirements. Following is a list of compliance services that we offer to our clients:

  • Pest prevention
  • Compliance with DDA standard
  • Catering equipment
  • Safety testing for gas leaks
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Electronic barriers and doors
  • Security systems based on CCTV cameras
  • Intruder alarms
  • Fire extinguishing services
  • Fire and emergency alarm
  • Testing of fixed wires
  • FAT and PAT testing

Cleaning and Environment

For any work premises, proper cleaning is the must. Our clients want to maintain the best cleaning services for their premises with the mission to provide the best workplace environment for the staff. A properly cleaned workplace helps the company achieve maximum output from employees. Moreover, cleaning should be done in a timely manner so that the workplace stays hygienic, peaceful and relaxing. Quality Facility Management provides the following environment and cleaning services for our employees:

  • Litter picking and ground cleaning
  • Kitchen and washroom supplies
  • Paper recycling
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Windows, doors cleaning through platform access systems
  • Commercial cleaning

Interior Fit-Out

Our interior fit-outs are designed to provide the best in class fit out solutions for our clients. For this purpose, our fit-out solutions cater for both small and large-scale furnishings for your needs. We ensure very high-quality craftsmanship throughout the project. Moreover, we do it all in a timely manner so that you don’t have to worry for budget and cost overruns. Our interior fit-outs include:

  • Interior fittings
  • Acoustic alarms
  • Fire protection
  • Furnishing

Electrical Inspection and Testing

We utilise state of the art methods for electrical and maintenance testing. Our efficient electrical inspection and testing systems provide you efficient reporting on your electricity and energy consumption. In doing so, we can help you made significant savings on your electricity bills each year. Our services include the following:

  • Facilitation of electricity supply transfer
  • Real-time energy usage reporting
  • Multi-site management
  • Energy audits
  • Remote location management
  • Load management
  • Resolving energy related issues

Pest Control

Seadag group have devised several types of pest management packages for our clients. These packages are designed by keeping your requirements in view. We encourage our clients to work with us to resolve their pest related problems. Our pest control solutions are available throughout the year for your convenience.

Our pest control services include the following:
• Rodent and other pest control
• Flying pest control
• Seasonal pest control
• Crawling pest control
• Pre-planned programs for pest prevention
• Audits and reports on pest control

Waste Management

We provide support for properly disposing of industrial waste management. Our team of experts offers very high degree of purebred expertise and understanding for the problem. We carry a reputation of presenting workable solutions to our clients. Our waste management services include cutting of paper use, properly disposing of existing waste, and contract with waste management contractors for a legally complied service and landfill waste diversion.


We specialise in providing high-quality landscaping services to our clients. We understand how much you care for the landscape of your place. A rich, natural looking landscape can leave a lasting impression on your employees and family alike. Our landscaping services include the following:
• Masonry services
• Planting services
• Water features
• Outdoor landscape expertise

Carbon Reduction Services

Each year, your factory produces more carbon than what can be easily sustained by the environment. There is no denying that carbon reduction has become a universal requirement for all business. You can save a significant amount of money by reducing carbon emissions. Our offered services include:
• CRC reporting
• CRC energy efficiency scheme
• Reduction in carbon footprint
• Participation carbon conferences

Mobile Management Services

Our mobile maintenance is a comprehensive maintenance program offering on-site fleet maintenance 24 hours a day. We maintain records in an electronic format for easy access when required. W perform weekly and monthly inspections for your ease. Mobile maintenance protects your business from equipment and property damage, personal injury, DOT violations. Our services include:
• Improved PM compliance
• Internal audits
• Equipment safety
• Reduction in breakdowns

Roofing Services

There comes a time when your roof needs repair and maintenance. Our roofing service experts provide very high-quality services at affordable costs. We provide the following roofing services to our clients:
• Roof material repair
• Repair for downspouts and gutters
• Roof ventilation
• Roof flashing
• Roof replacement
• Skylights

Renewable Energy Services


Seadag Group help your business manage and control energy requirements. We strive to work with your energy requirements and help in giving your place a greener look. Our services include;

  • Sustainable energy management
    Energy management and reporting
    Preconfigured services
    Energy sourcing strategic services
  • Consultancy services on design, manufacturing, production and sustainability of energy products
  • Rural Electrification of small communities and water systems for commercial and domestic use.
  • Renewable Energy Engineering and sustainable development experience in developing and industrialized nations.
  • Manufacturing and distribution of a patented line of solar charge controlled capacity meters.
  • Stable, reliable and viable energy supply using solar panels, wind turbines, hydro, micro – CHP, off grid technology.

Modular Construction Services


We make premium prefab homes and buildings with a focus on value and quality using offsite construction methods. Our buildings offer a fast, affordable and straightforward solution to your accommodation needs and can be used for permanent or interim requirements. The entire project process includes: design, planning permission, construction and interior fitting.


  • Custom Built & Safer
  • Strong & Sustainable
  • Less Expensive
  • Faster

Construction Types

Building construction projects include temporary, relocatable or permanent buildings: Industrial, commercial or residential applications such as: Classrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Sports & Leisure Portable Buildings, Medical Centres, workshops, meeting/training rooms, event rooms and equipment enclosures.

Planning Permission

Seadag group will give you clear advice regarding the proposed work and if there is a requirement to apply for planning permission from the local authority. If planning approval is necessary we can arrange for an application to be submitted on your behalf with all the detailed plans and drawings that the local authority will require. This is a professional service for which there is a modest fee payable before the application is made.

As soon as planning approval has been granted we will then process your order.

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